The Clinton Global Initiative

Shane’s Inspiration is a
Proud Commitment Member

Creating Social Inclusion
for Children with Disabilities

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The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) convenes leaders to turn ideas into action. CGI Commitments to Action represent bold new ways that CGI members address global challenges—implemented through new methods of partnership and designed to maximize impact. Commitments can be small or large, global or local. No matter the size or scope, commitments help CGI members translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results..


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Where I Feel Like Me – Video

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    Inclusive Play and Inclusive Playgrounds

    There are terms in the special needs community of "Inclusive Play" and "Inclusive Playgrounds." But many don't know what exactly these terms mean or how they are differentiated. Accessible playgrounds, universally accessible playgrounds, and handicapped accessible playgrounds are some common terms used when people mention playgrounds where children with disabilities can play. Other terms associated

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Play For All!

Our Vision:

Fostering a bias-free world for children with disabilities

Our Mission:

Creating social inclusion for children with disabilities through the vehicle of inclusive playgrounds and programs

Social Inclusion Program

Do you want to deepen social inclusion in your classroom and on your campus?

We've developed our exclusive Inclusion education curriculum program for teachers and educators. It successfully instructs how to bring children together through play. It helps reduce bias and bullying toward children with disabilities

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